We hate to have to state some of what we call, “the obvious” but legal says we have to. :p


All purchases must be made online through our website.  This limits contact and simplifies the heck out of everything.

Sit back and relax as we will bring everything we can to you at your vehicle.  From beverages and meals to snacks and warmers our team of servers is happily masked, wearing gloves or using cleanser and keeping a distance. This means we have made it so that you can stay inside your car at all times with one exception: bathrooms.

We have limited handicap accessible bathroom stalls indoors.  Soap or sanitizer will be provided.  Please note that masks must be warn indoors at all times by adults AND kids. NO Exceptions

As we want to be as inclusive as possible, we also have a porta-potty onsite with sanitizer for folks that cannot or do not want to wear a mask while “bathrooming.”  The word was made up as it does a good job describing how we all use porta-potties by trying not to touch anything!

Please follow Colorado and Federal laws: No drugs, No Idling (turn them off) Cars.


Please take all trash with you when you leave.  Simply ask one of our servers for a bag if you need one to tote your trash away with you as you leave

When entering and Exiting the premises with your vehicle, keep it classy. This means, keep it quiet: no honkin’, hootin’ or hollerin!, loud music, yada-yada-yada.  We want our neighbors to be happy that they allowed us into their neighborhoods.


Prior to parking AND after parking, we will scan your ticket, please be prepared.  We scan after to make sure we are delivering what you ordered.

Please follow the direction of the ushers to your spot. While this is a General Admission event, we want to ensure that everyone has optimal seating.

That means, we need cars to go where ushers ask. 

If available and you ask nicely, we will try to have you parked by other cars that you came in with. 

No tailgating except for in designated areas.  The last row is designated to allow you to flip up your gate, but we are going to need you to still stay in your vehicle.


Programming starts when the start time on the ticket indicates. Please do NOT arrive more than 25 minutes early. Please do not be late either as we have some award-winning shorts in store for you.

Sound will come through the FM transmitter on your vehicle.  We will project the channel to set your FM dial to as you arrive.

If you do not have a car with an FM stereo, we encourage you to drive a different vehicle (borrow your neighbors or something)!

Mobile phone FM Apps are notorious for not working well in these situations

To optimize viewing for all, headlights, including daytime running lights MUST be turned off.

If you can take a moment to figure out how to do that, prior to show starting, it would be great.  

Every car is different so we encourage you to review your vehicle manual or search online for how to fully turn off lights.


Some have asked why they have to pay?  Our snarky voice says, “because we didn’t buy any bitcoin, Amazon or Charmin stock, so we have to charge something!”  The more grown-up answer is that there are many costs associated with throwing an event like this and we simplified the entire experience to make it as all-inclusive as possible.  

Entrance includes movie ticket fee as well as everything listed below for the ENTIRE vehicle and all those who ride with you:

Warming Elements: It may get cold and even though we live in Colorado we aren’t always fond of the cold, so we designed & procured something to help keep you warm. 



Sorry, NO outside food or drink allowed, but we have you covered because as we consistently communicate, we are all in this together.  

Opportunity to Order Full Meal: We want to help out our restaurants as well, so we got them included in this!   We have partnered with a few local area restaurants to keep you fed.  Please pre-order your meals through our website so you can eat your heart’s desire.  NOTE: there is nothing restaurants love more than a pre-order, well except an order without substitutions!  


Movie and Dinner is Rain or Shine fundraising opportunity and no refunds will be given unless there is severe weather that forces us to cancel everything. 

Movie may change without notice.  

Also, please be sure to check location as this is a pop up and changes to location may be made and will be made with notice of at least 24 hours.

Failure to abide by these rules may get you removed without refund or even banned.


Visit: https://longmont.cinemahosting.com/ and select the date and time of the film.
-    If you have been given a “discount code,” please use it accordingly
-    If you have been given a ticket for entrance, please enter in the code in the “discount code” section of the website.


For Donations to the County Collective or CommCi, please donate directly with this button: